Refugees & Migrants Welcome?

As Asylum seekers and migrants make the arduous trip to Germany, some landing in Munich today, it is interesting to watch the people of Europe discuss on forums and the news the fears they may have about the volumes of people risking lives for a better life.

Roadsigns Asylum and Europe

Germany perhaps has it right, welcoming fellow human beings to a better life, who would begrudge someone the chance to raise a family in the relative riches of Europe.

The problem however is the volumes and is very much the fear expressed by many,  while many are rightfully generous and want to be helpful, can we really have a never ending volume of people.  Bob Geldof recently was quoted saying he will offer room for four families in his house and also offering his London residence.  Fabulous we say but what happens when a thousand families turn up.   This is the fear.  Perhaps the volume debate can wait for another day.   But the question won’t go away.

The real view perhaps is that this is a wonderful opportunity in difficult circumstances, here we have thousand of men, women and children who will be be highly motivated for a better live, many talented young people that can add vibrancy to our country.  Think back to the many good of our Irish children we lost to immigration and can therefore benefit by welcoming asylum seekers and migrants, do not be afraid.

We should absolutely open our doors of the country to migrants & asylum seekers, but we must do it right and learn the lessons of history and not allow asylum to be a nightmare limbo.

Today Croke Park was filled to capacity for the Mayo Dublin replay, it occurred to me that if we took in the same volume of asylum seekers and migrant that we could comfortably handle that as a nation.

Asylum seekers and migrants, Welcome to Ireland.