Refugee 2016 – Where do we go from here?

So where do we stand and where do we go from here?  Since last year as most of us will know about a million+ refugees/migrants made difficult and dangerous journey to Europe and the relative safety of the EU.

Roadsigns Asylum and EuropeThe primary destination are Germany after the invite from the Germany Leader and Switzerland is a favorite destination also.   Some have died and some culture clashes have meant strained opinions on how welcoming we should be.

We call them refugees and or migrants which is correct if we want to categorize people;  however that reduces them to something less human.  That is what we need to remember, they are men, women and children.  Much more men of course you may be thinking.  Well this is one scenario where equality will never exist because in the survival of life and the survival of the fittest, men and young will have the edge.

What about the quality of people we are importing; well first off with any large group of people there will be the good the bad, the ugly, the criminal, the rapist, the idiots, the terrorists.   Refugees do not have a patent on bad behavior, plenty of us Europeans have our own evil ways.

In an ideal world we would welcome all the good and productive people because there is always room for one more good person.  However things appear chaotic and some news reports we would not be human if not fearful.

So what I think many would like is a controlled system that identified and recorded everyone; we want to be welcoming a have a humanitarian side but we have true fears and fear will win without controls.  We have no time for mop behavior other than identifying the less welcome.

The European Union should be seeking to formulate a plan that all can follow, working out shared numbers, the path to citizenship or deportation should be clear to all.  Migrants should have many good options but not everyone can go to the same country.   Europe has limitations and what is clear is that European people will not bankrupt themselves or there country or change the civilized why of life they enjoy for anyone.  That is where our generosity ends.

Anyone who has been to Greece lately will know how bad it can get and is exactly what we don’t want to see spreading around Europe.

Europe as incredible levels of generosity and the people will follow and welcome migration in a controlled and respectful way.  We will not however be dictated to or trampled over, as previously said, there is always room for another good person.