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Top 10 Things to do in Limerick City by Day

If you ever find yourself in Limerick City by day time wondering what to do to pass the time for little to no money then here is a few simple ideas..  

For the purpose of this list is somewhere between Monday to Saturday and you don’t have to battle the rain and most on list are generally available Monday to Saturday also.

1. The Milk Market, particularly on a Saturday to experience a unique atmosphere.

2. The Hunt Museum, a wonderful walk thru history.

3. The Peoples Park, if your lucky to catch a good weather day then a lazy walk and coffee is the park is a simple pleasure with a playground for kids.

Revenue, River View
Revenue, River View

4. The Crescent Shopping Centre, a casual browsers heaven.

5. The Book Browser, if you love books the both Easons and O’Mahony’s bookstores on O’Connell street are a book browsers paradise.

6. A Nancy Blakes coffee, the ever popular nightspot is also great for a relaxing sit in coffee by day.

7. Omniplex Cinema, another trip to Crescent Shopping Centre to catch a movie.

8. Photographers Walk, with a castle a river two parks and the city all in easy walking distance then a photo day is simple an inexpensive day out.

9. Locke Bar, particularly on a nice summers day then sitting out and watching the world go by with beverage of choice can be a joy.

10. City Walking Browse, Coffee-check, Ipod-check, not raining-check, when the weather is right then the city of Limerick can come into its own, these are the days when the simple walk a coffee and browsing is one of life’s simple pleasures.